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Handbox is a Latvian company, handcrafting fully automated contactless hand sanitising device. When developing a product, our main priority is the quality of each material and technical components, ensuring long-term use and service.

We are located at the very middle of Baltic states, which is a strategically important region for transport flow, providing fast and effective product delivery and service. Latvia is also one of the greenest countries allowing the use of high-quality natural plywood to produce our devices.

Our vision

We believe that without no doubt the safe and contactless hand sanitising should be the norm, making aware of it large or small companies, as well as society, to demand the quality of hand sanitising.

Creating our device, our primary goal is that they are comfortable to use and easy to maintain. That's why we have made sure to take care of each detail, ensuring the best quality - natural materials and innovative technological solutions that have been carefully tested by our team of specialists and engineers.  

We are a brand new company, and with our own resources in less than a year we have already produced over 500 devices, cooperating with well-known brands like IKEA Baltics, Sportland Latvia, TET Latvia and others.

We appreciate any support and form of cooperation that lets our company develop further, gaining new knowledge.

How to become a partner?

If you believe in contactless hand sanitising as much as we do and our companies goals match yours, please fill out the form to talk further about possible cooperation models.

We are open to different types of cooperation that can be adapted individually.

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